Mortuary Roll for Edward III Rex and Thyra II Regina


Q: What is this?
A: We’re working on creating a mortuary-roll style scroll to commemorate the decoronation of TRM Edward III and Thyra II of the East.

Q: What is a Mortuary Roll?
A: In the early middle ages, monestaries and similar religious houses would send out obituary notices when the abbot or other famous member died.  These would be sent around to all the related houses in order to request prayers for the deceased.  These evolved into mortuary rolls, with an obituary at the top and then a titulus, a little message of endorsement, added by each of the visited houses.  

Q: What does this have to do with the current middle ages?
A: We are trying to create a mortuary roll for TRM.  Since they’re not “dying” we have reworked the text of the titulus to speak of “those who have left” rather than “those who are dead”, and remade it in a secular context.  

Q: Why do I care?
A: We are trying to get Tituli written by many different places: Baronies and Shires in the East as well as domains farther afield.  To that end we’re trying to get as many scribes from as many places as possible to “endorse” from their community.

Q: Ok, what should the text be?
A: The following table gives a schematic of the text, basically it is:
Titulus (PLACENAME) 
Memorie eorum et omnium nobilium (WHO) per (REASON) eorum et cogitatia populorum ut eos meminerimus. 

Notes on that sample

PLACENAME - See the linked google-doc below.  The titulus line is usually on a line alone in a large title-hand.

WHO - Almost always “egressorum”  - Those who have left

REASON - Why we’re rememebering them: fame, deeds or wisdom, your call

Then you can add a second line to remember any of your own community, it is entirely optional.  You can stop with the single line if you like.  The pattern for the second line is

Mementote nostrorum, NAMES AND omnium parentium et amicorum nostrum.

You’d replace the NAMES AND TITLES with at least 2 of the local people you wish to remember.  For example, this includes Baron Jehan, and Baroness Johanna and Baron Acquel
Mementote nostrorum, Iohannis, baronis; Iohanna, Baronnesse et Aquel, baronis; et omnium parentium et amicorum nostrum.

Table of text and source info (note that in the originals many of the words are abbreviated. We're not doing that and they have been expanded to their complete forms below)

This is a single Titulus from the Roll for Vitalis. It's not that pretty but it's a good, generic text that we are using as the basis of the Latin.

St. Martini Troarni

SCA Translated
Titulus (large fancy text)
Titulus sancti Martini Troarni.
Titulus ____________
Title of ___________
Initial Prayer (required)
Anima ejus et animae omnium fidelium defunctorum requiescant in pace. Amen.
Memorie eorum et omnium nobilium (WHO) per (REASON) eorum et cogitatia populorum ut eos meminerimus. 
Variants for reason
  • Fama - "fame"
  • Facti - "deeds" (factum is the singular)
  • sapientias- (wisdom)
Varients for WHO
  • defunctorum - dead
  • egressorum - who have left

May their memory and the memory of the all the nobles who have left us be remembered by their fame and in the thoughts of the population.
List of local departed  (optional)
Orate pro nostris, Durando et Arnulfo, abbatibus; Moyse, Machario, monachis; Giraldo, Roberto, Rainaldo, liberto, Philippo, Petro, Radulfo, Willelmo, laico; Osberno, Albereda, Ascelina, Hunfrido, Albereda, Durando, Ricardo, Willelmo, Willelmo, Bernardo, Rogerio, Duvelina, Adeleisi, Cintoria,
Mementote nostrorum, Johannis baronis,
Remember ours...
And all the rest (optional, only an option if the local departed are listed)
et omnibus parentibus et amicis nostris.
et omnium
parentium et amicorum nostrum.
and all our parents and friends.

Geographical place names in Latin, to insert after the word Titulus

Titles for people, they always appear AFTER the name. (For the scholarly, these are in the Ablative case)

Singular Plural Singular Plural
Peer (Master/Mistress)
Knight Milite Militibus    
Armegerous (Lord/Lady)
Viscount/Viscountess Viscomite      
Royalty (King/Queen)

Complete sample text, for the Barony of Carolingia, remembering Barons Jehan and Acquel and Baroness Johanna

Titulus Baroniae Carolingiae
Memorie eorum et omnium nobilium egressorum  per sapientias eorum et cogitatia populorum ut eos meminerimus.  Mementote nostrorum, Iohannes, baronis; Iohanna, Baronnesse et Aquel, baronis; et omnium parentium et amicorum nostrum.

Sample written out in 12th Century hand by Eleanor Catlyng

Sample original texts -

Q: How should it look?
A: For the primary patterns we are using Vitalis of Savigny, †1122
and Lucy of Hedingham
But any reasonable mid 12th through early 13th century hand is fine.  These were long rolls, so tall and rather narrow, and not formal manuscripts. For that reason some of the Tituli are written in a more common cursive or even a vaguely-chancery looking hand, and any of those are fine.  Proto-gothic is reasonable, but fully-formed gothic is a bit too late and formal for this, but any of the regional hands of the time, i.e. Beneventan, are valid.  The title line, "Titlus PLACENAME" is usually larger and decorative. Some samples follow

Examples of Mortuary Rolls (mostly fragments)

Other samples of 12th century text 

Q: Who should I contact for questions?
A: Gun∂ormr Dengir (me) is the principle organizer, and I’ll try to answer any questions about content, particularly people or place names, script or the like.  email: aaronm @ 
If you’ve got logistical questions, Mistress Eleanor Catlyng is organizing transport and helping to get people involved.   She already has thesheets of opaline parchment rules and ready for the pen. Ask her any of those sorts of practical questions, in particular if you want to add your tituli at one of the upcoming RP events, she might be able to meet you there.  email: lisag74 @