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Silver and Ruby Earings

7mm round created rubies set in silver bezels suspended on brushed sterling.

A Silver Mezuzah

A sterling silver Mezuzah case, entirely fabricated by hand from straight wire and silver tubing. This is on my door, but a similar piece would be $250 [photo by, and copyrightBrian Harris]

Heavy Trichinoply Necklace

The only piece of this style that I have done, it is 22 gauge silver in a 4xTriple knit. Both the heavy gauge and the triple knit made this piece very difficult to make, and I've not tried either of them since.

Unfinished Trichinoply

A piece of 6xDouble in 24 gauge silver after being drawn, but before finishing. This piece is only about 14" long, and has not been finished, as it will either become a large bracelet or a choker depending on the desires of a

Silver Necklace

A piece of 4xDouble in 24 gauge silver finished as a necklace. This is currently on consignment and the asking price is $150

Unfinished Trichinoply

This is the body of a piece in 6xdouble, done with 26 gauge silver. The piece was about 12" and was drawn down to about 24". Finished it will be about $100, depending on options and style of endpiece.

SOLD Copper bracelet

A sample of 4xDouble in 24 gauge copper with hand-made copper tube endings as a bracelet. Sold, but a similar piece would be $30, finished

Jack Cufflinks

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