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Victor Integral

A integral knife from Norway, made by Victor. The blade is damascus laminate over high-carbon steel and the sheath, made by Jens Ansø, is leather.

Forget 5160 Patch knives

A forged knife of 5160, from an old car spring, made by Peter Burt. There is a double temper-ling in the steel and a simple leather sheath made by the maker

Jens Anso Damadrop

This is a Damadrop, made of damasteel by Jens Ansø which I reviewed over the summer of 1998(Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3). It is one of the blades I often carry.

Mark Nevling Bird & Trout

This a Mark Nevling drop-point in 52100. It's one of his older pieces, and isn't prefect, but an interesting piece, and one I'm not afraid to use. The handles are smooth bone and the dangler sheath(not shown) is leather. Sadly this piece was lost when it accidentally went into security at Logan Airport in the fall of 2005 and never escaped.

Boye Basic 3

A David Boye Basic 3 fixed blade made of his BDS steel, with wrap and sheath by Gary W. Graley. The knife itself is an integral piece, a Boye Basic 3

M. Alexander Damascus

A custom fixed blade by Mike Alexander, as per a design originally from James Mattis Z''t and then comissioned to the late Mel Sorg. Somewhat of a checkered past. The blade is 1084 and 15n20 twist and the handle is Rosewood with Mike's own mosaic pins.

M. Pulliam Hunter

A Morris Pulliam(JS) hunter in Damascus, Ebony and synthetic Ivory. The blade is low-layer damascus, while the guard is angel-hair damascus. The handle is ebony, with a small crack, highlighted in the larger picture, filled with crazy-glue, with a mock-Ivory spacer.

G. Bradburn Kozuka

A Gary Bradburn neck kozuka in D2 with cordwrap over red snakeskin handle. There is a silver menuke of a flower in one side of the handle and a Kydex sheath.

B. Duncan folder

A Brad Duncan folder made in 1999. It'd neither as fancy or as well made as his current pieces, but still a good, tough working knives with a CPM440V blade and Zebrawood handles.

A. Bernard skinner

An Arno Bernard skinner, ATS-34 blade and Warthog ivory handle. The blade is about 2.5" long and the handle about the same. Surprisingly comfortable to hold for a small knife, it is similar in design to a Sean Perkins knife I once owned.(Background of the image is the video board(8-bit) from a failed SGI Indy)

M. Dobruski framelock

A Mauricio Dobruski bolster-lock folder with ATS-34 blade and Jacaranda wood scales. The frame and clip are anodized Ti and quite nicely colored.

B. Sandow fixed

The knife was made by Brent Sandow and purchased at the ECCKS in March of 2004, without a sheath. The inside-the-pocket design was my preference so the knife can be carried by the beltless, and was executed by Bob Schrap.

P. Moore Wharncliff

A small damascus fixed-blade by P. Moore, with palm handles. A nice little two-finger job, although I could use a little more handle, it can't be beat for the price.

P. Moore in sheath

The same damascus blade, but in the sheath from the maker. Well made and with a good pocket-clip.

An antique blade

An antique blade, bought with mismatched handle, purchased at the Brimfield Fair in Aug. 2005. I know nothing about it's design, but it is constructed of two pieces of sheet steel, connected by a dovetail, brazed with brass.

Lourens Prinsloo Folder

A gents folder by Lourens Prinsloo, purchased from the maker at the November 2005 NYCKS. The bolsters are spider damascus by the maker, and the scales are of Red Willow.





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