Part 2: The Sheath

A sheath similar to mine, but different knife picture of other knife and


This is the second of a three-part review series on my Jens Ansø Damadrop. The first part concentrates on appearence, and my dealings with the maker. This will deal with the sheath in detail, looking at both visual appeal and utility. In a few weeks there will be a third part concentrating on the utility of the knife itself.

Back of the sheathFit and Finish

The sheath is a leather fold-over design, welted and stiched on the bottom and along where the edge of the blade sits. It is made of half-tanned leather, which is exactly what it sounds like: leather that has only been tanned half way. The inside is close to rawhide while the outside looks and feels like leather. The leather has been finished to a nice gloss black, and through almost a month of carry has only sustained minor wear, some scratches in the surface from my other pocket knife. Both the double row of stiches and the edges of the leather are streight and even. As per my request, the sheath has a Titanium clip, like one a pocket knife. It is anodized in a nice rainbow of colors, and holds the sheath securely in a pocket.

Front of sheath with funky backgroundComfort and Utility

As I said, I have had the knife for almost a month, and in that time have carried it every week-day, and most weekends. I usually carry it with the sheath in my pocket, and clipped to the edge. I've also carried in IWB in various places, and it works, although not designed for it. The sheath holds the knife very tightly, both by a friction fit and with a dimple in the leather which fits into the hole in the handle. I could not dislodge the knife from the sheath by shaking, or any accidental movement I tried(jumping...&c.). The clip also holds very well: with the sheath clipped upside-down to the bottom cuff of a pair of shorts, I could not dislodge the sheath by jumping. Although I would not reccomend this for the parachutest, it holds quite well for normal use. There is only one fault I can find with the sheath, the clip and the sheath itself hold with about the same force. If one tries to do a fast draw, you might get the whole package, or only the knife. I never bought this for any type of fighting, but I'd advise you to get one of Jens' great Kydex packages if that's a possible use for you. The Kydex sheaths also provide much more carry flexibility.


When Jens first offered the leather sheath(as payment for some help with his exellent English), I was a little apprehensive of it. I wanted something that would hold onto the knife, and give me namy choices in carry methods. Leather sheaths I had encountered until this were simple belt-hanging models. As I've had this, it has blown away anything I have seen before. It's combination of beauty and function is something that I haven't seen on very many knives, and certianly none I can easily afford.