Aaron Macks










            Graduated Brandeis University, May 2002:

                        Degree: MA in Computer Science

                        Final GPA: 3.78/4.0


Graduated Magna cum Laude Brandeis University: May, 2001

Degrees: BA with high honors in Computer Science and BA in Fine Arts

                        Final GPA: 3.7/4.0


Graduated Pikesville High School: May, 1997



“Heterogeny in Beowulf Systems”, Proceedings of the 16th Annual International Symposium on High Performance Computing Systems and Applications (HPCS'2002) IEEE Press, 2002. p 42. [Poster presented at HPCS 2002].

“Parsing Akkadian Verbs with Prolog”, Computational Approaches to Semitic Languages. ACL Publications, 2002. pp 3-8. [Paper presented at Association for Computational Linguistics 2002 Conference, July 11, 2002. ] [http://wiglaf.cs-i.brandeis.edu/akkadian/acl02sub5102.doc.pdf]


Work Experience:

      August 2004-Present  TechTarget, Inc.

                                                Needham, Ma 02494

                                                System and Network Administrator


                              • Maintained and expanded a 24/7 Linux/Solaris environment, along with supporting network and SAN technologies

                              • Managed hardware, both inventory and deployment, and OS, for 120 servers, including VMWare virtual servers.

                              • Developed inhouse tools to manage rapid deployment/kickstart, automated inventory and data collection and analysis

      June 2002-August 2004                      Freelance Consultant


                              • Massasoit School and Granite Academy

                                    Braintree, MA

-        Maintained MacOS 9 and X workstations, and migrated services to a MacOS X server from various OS 9 servers.

-        Managed wired and wireless networking for both fixed and mobile clients

-        Assisted teachers and staff in transition from OS 9 to OS X

                              • Brandeis University Department of Computer Science

-        Maintained and upgraded SGI systems, including transitioning Indy’s to Irix 6.5

-        Assisted in integrating Macintosh’s running OS X into a UNIX network environment

                        • Corporate Computer Services Inc.

                              Woburn, MA

-        Designed nodes and servers for both AMD and Intel based Beowulf clusters

-        Taught system integrators to build and configure Beowulf nodes


      November 2000-June 2002      Brandeis University

                                                            Waltham, MA

                                                            Department of Computer Science

                                                            System Administrator


• Maintained and upgraded (software and hardware) the SGI systems in the department

                              • Repaired unusual Linux system errors

• Built and maintained an eight processor production Beowulf system


      May-August 2001      University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

                                                New Bedford, MA

                                                School for Marine Science and Technology



• Analyzed and modified a large(40,000 lines) Fortran program to compile it for a parallel SGI machine

• Wrote data analysis and generation software for both the input and output data of ocean simulation software

• Consulted on the maintenance of Alpha systems running Tru64


      May-December 2000  SensAble Technologies

                                                Woburn, MA

                                                QA intern


• Developed and executed tests on various facets of a software package in preparation for release

• Created a system for benchmarking both performance and usability of software


      May-August 1999      National Institute of Standards and Technology

                                                Gaithersburg, MD

                                                (301) 975-6478

                                                Summer Intern

                                                Division 839.1: The Analytical Chemistry Division of

                                                the Chemical Science and Technology Laboratory

• Wrote software(Visual C++) to perform noise reduction and analysis of large data sets for distribution to an international group of users


Works in Progress:

• Developing software for natural language parsing, specifically Akkadian verb [http://www.wiglaf.org/akkadian/]

General Skills:

                               • Fluency with and administered various UNIX implementations: Linux(on Intel, PPC, Sun and HPPA hardware), Mac OSX , IRIX, Solaris, HP-UX, and Tru64

                               • Administering, building and designing Beowulf clusters

• Programming in Perl, Shell scripting, Java, C, Prolog, Matlab, C++, LISP, Scheme, Fortran90 and Pascal languages.

• Knowledge of standard office, page-layout, graphics manipulation and communication software; including Photoshop, QuarkXpress, Illustrator, and MatLab