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Elgin 761-based WW

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Elgin Stopwatches from WWII, both high-speed and regular

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Jaquet Droze Les Douze Villes

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Swiss 10J Cylindar 0-size PW

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Mid-19th Century PW mvmt with Parachute

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Watchmaking tools of interest

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Family-tree diagrams for the Swiss watch companies

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18sz Waltham HC Pocketwatch

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Some Antique PWs that were evaluated in May, 2005

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Damaged or broken pocketwatches
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The remains of a S. I. Tobias Fusee-lever

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Hublot Dinner in Boston

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My Chopard L.U.C Sport 2000

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Some Jaquet-Droz watches, pre SWATCH

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Watch-related cellphone backgrounds

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A UN Aqua perpetual I had for a night

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Jaeger LeCoultre

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Audemars Piguet

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Various watches shown at AlphaOmega, Boston 05-2006

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Glashutte Original

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Girard Perregaux

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Patek Philippe

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Vacheron Constantin

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iwc winding

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Pictures of Breguet Watches

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purists 2-29-2012

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purists 5-16-2010

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purists dinner 042008

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What Time it it?

Which hand is which


The face of a 19th century International Watch Company pocket watch. The movement is of the type which inspired the modern F. A. Jones wristwatch.

IWC PW movement

The movement of an 19th Century International Watch Company pocket watch.

Face of JLC Ladies Reverso

The face-side of a Jaeger-LeCoultre ladies reverso wristwatch, on an ostrich-leather strap.

Reverse side of JLC Ladies Reverso

The Reverse side of a Jaeger-LeCoultre ladies reverso, showing the hand engraving of the monogram of the previous owner, EPS. The engraving was done by the hand of J.C. Randell.

Closeup of Waltham 15J

A closeup of a Waltham 15 Jewel pocket watch movement, showing the perlage(jeweling) of the interior plates.

Front Photo of Clock

A view of the front of a french battery-powered clock, with the letters ATO etched on the glass under the 12.

Watch the Beer

An Elgin 761 and a bottle of Unibroue's La Fin du Monde

Movement of Bucherer watch

Unknown movement of a Bucherer Date/sweep second-hand automatic watch

Rotorless Movement

The Bucherer movement with the rotor photoshopped off

A Bare Swiss Movement, bottom

The bottom of a random, semi-functional Swiss level, under the steel bar, one can see the Maltese-Cross stopwork, and two steel 'jewels' at approx. 12:30. These match real jewels on the top(visable) side of the movement, and were common in 19th century Swiss watches, when they were making cheap, deceptive movements. More disturbing is that these are on the Lever and the escape-wheel, which move the fastest and therefore have more need of jeweling. The intersecting arrcs that appear near the pivot in the middle and the 2nd wheel at about 3:15 are traces of the depthing tools used in laying out the movement. At the top(11:45) one can see the bottom cap jewwel of the balance, and it is cracked, which causes the watch to not run for any length of time when placed face down; it runs fine face up. If you want a Huge(2344x2344) version is available.

A Bare Swiss Movement, top

The top of a random Swiss, lever-escapement, bar movement, showing the strange balance wheel and the broken quartz jewel

A enlargment of the balance

A crop of the image of the top of the swiss movement, slightly reduced, to show the balance wheel and escapement

Second try on enlargemenet

F5.6 at 1sec

A GO PanoMaticDate

A Glashutte Original PanoMaticDate, face view.

A GO PanoMatic Movement

The movement of a Glashutte Original PanoMaticDate. The Movement has 41 jewels, and was adjusted in 5 positions.

Proposal for second reset mechanism

A proposal for a second reset mechanism to allow precise setting of a wristwatch

A 2 year interval

The watch that I was wearing 2 years ago, versus today.

A JLC Sun Moon Reverso

One of the newly released JLC SunMoon Reversos, with the 8 day movement. It is currently in the JLC AD in Cambridge, MA.

A second composite of the Bucherer

A second composite of the two photos of the bucherer AS automatic movement, this time using panorama tools to hide the rotor.

A redo of the first of the Bucherer

The Same two images that were composited in the original, except done with autopano this time instead of with masks in photoshop

A semi-auto composite

The images aligned and color-matched by autopano, but blended by Photoshop's layer multiply command

A second Semi-auto composite

The images aligned and color-matched by autopano, but blended with a manual mask of the areas not wantedd from the top immage

roth dish alone

roth dish stuff

Waltham 18sz Movement

Regulator on the balance cock of a 18sz Waltham P. S. Bartlett pocketwatch

Waltham 18sz Movement

Regulator at a tilt, showing the mirror polish

GO Panomatic without rotor

A Glashutte Original PanoMatic with the rotor masked away. Three photos were taken, composited with AutoPano and the rotor erased in photoshop.

Brothers for a Day

A F. P. Journe Octa Automatic and a Breguet La Tradition that I had together for a day

State of the Collection

All of my modern watches as of June, 2007. From left to right: Chopard LUC Sport 2000, Breguet La Tradition, GO PanoMatic and Blancpain 2100.

Chopard LUC Sport 2000

Closeup of the face of my Chopard LUC Sport 2000, showing off the blue color. The strap is an aftermarket cordovan.

Glashutte Panomatic by the fire

My Panomatic, just back from service, lit by the warm glow of a small wood fire

GP PW Movement

The Art-Deco movement of a thin Girard Perragaux Pocket Watch

Breguet La Tradition Balance

The Balance wheel of the Breguet La Tradition hand-wound watch. Macro lens is the Canon EF-S 60mm Macro.

At least it was eleven somewhere

Blancpain on Monde


breguet image 766666-2



Brown Box Panomatic

Canon on VC

Cartier Tonneau


GP Richeville Day Night

GP Shell movement helicon


illi caseback

illi caseinside

illi face

illi mvmt

IMG 0671

IWC repeater


jlc reverse2

Lange 1815

LaTrad macro

Longines Wristshot

New FF dial

Nomos ETA Sundial

Not Watches

Octa and Barbar

Oris Caseback


parachute breguet

Parmiagiani Kalpa Dial

patek 1-350

random swiss bottom huge

random swiss top huge


rd movement helicon

Ring flashed luc 2000

RM005 Date Window

RM0065 Back

rm mainspring

Roskopf Pin-Lever Movement

Tissot Rock Watch


watches desk


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