User inputsNormailzedActual formGet result
iprusiprus3cs G-Preterite of paräsum, p-r-sGet it!
liqbiliqbi3cs G-Precative of qabûm, q-b-@Get it!
iqabbuuumaiqabbû-ma3mp G-Durative of qabûm, q-b-@, with conjunctive suffixGet it!
3mp G-Durative of qabûm, q-b-@
3mp G Durative of qâbum, q-@-b
3cs G Durative of qabûm, q-b-@, all with conjunctive suffix
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tumalliiinikkimtumallînikkimeither 2fs D-Preterite or 2fs D-Durative of malûm,
m-l-@ with a 2fs Ventive ending
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Input valuesActual FormGet Result
prs, g-Pret 3csG-Preterite of P-R-S, third common singularGet It!
p@s, G-Pret 3csSecond weak, P-@-S third common singular G-PreteriteGet It!
D-Durative, prs, anyD-Durative of P-R-S, and person and any numberGet It!
3mp pr@ vetitive, anyP-R-@, third weak, Vetitive any stem, third masculine pluralGet It!
prs, any, any, anyP-R-S, any stem, tense, person and number.
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