Parsing Akkadian Verbs

This will parse Akkadian verbs input as a string, ie. iprus. It can handle variable length vowels using the * operator, ie. ipru*s will be tested as iprus, ipruus and ipruuus with a double vowel representing a macron and a triple representing a circumflex. The $ represents the letter shin. It can parse any number of verbs, simply enter them seperated by spaces

Input Stringipruusipruusiprusipru*s

Currently the program can handle the G, D and N stem in singley weak roots, but not double-weak roots.

Generating Akkadian Verbs

The program can also generate verbs given enough information about the verb type and the stem. The stem should be written as just the three letters, with @ standing in for &lquote;

StemConjugationStem ClassTense
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