Current Activity

A progress log of changes, additions and corrections made to the parser, if a bug was reported, the reporter is mentioned by initials.
09-09-2007Recent parsingsFinally got around to fixing the recent parsings link. It now queries off of the MySQL table of parsings. Not perfect, but at least it is thereYes
11-23-2006Interface for generationThere were problems with generation, both due to the mishandling of spaces in the weak stems and with missing quotes. Both have been fixed
11-22-2006Interfacerewrote the entire CGI interface in perl, using YASWI as an interfqce between SWI-prolog and perl. I need to fix the recent query, but everything else seemed to work without much trouble.
05-18-2005hardware and OSMoving the codebase from RH 7.2, JPL 1.0.1 and SWIPL 5.2.10 to Fedora C3, and SWIPL 5.4.7 broke everything. The code was eventually rewritten, removing the cgi parsing stuff in java, and moving it to some AWK in the shell script. The goal was to use JPL3, but that broke oddly.YES
11-21-2003Underlying SystemUpgraded the underlying SWI-Prolog to the most recent stable release, 5.2.10. Checked speeds and generation seems the same, but parsing a tiny bit slower, not enough to worry, change hs been made perminantYES
11-18-2003status of inf workStatus update on infinitive work: Prolog code is complete, pending some slight discrepencies for strong and first weak verbs. As the variations are far fewer, t, and tn derived stems will be includedNO
10-31-2003Server repair and rebuildFinally got the new hard drive in the server and got everything back online. It's as good a time as any to get this project back onlineYES
9-13-2002, 12:45Java workWorked on the multi-threaded, socketed version of the Java code. Got it working, but noticed that the parser was no longer returning more than one value, so moved threaded changes to new code base. Tracked problem to double increment of a value, fixed. Threaded version still has problems, but looks promisingYES
9-2-2002, 16:16Website UpdateTotally revamped website installed. With the exception of the FAQ all new elements are in place and functional, including a new spash-screen and frame-based navigation.YES
8-29-2002, 09:54Security auditSecurity repairs in the parseAkk class. Now it checks the length of both input strings and most of the form input for validity and on an error DOES NOT return the entire offending stringYES
8-25-2002, 23:24Minor bug fix and improvementThe java wrappers now generate an error if the root for verb generation length !=3. Also fixed the prolog file so that there are two 'verb' bits, the old verb has become verbns(no suffix) and the part that used to do the -ma removal is now the only true 'verb' procedure, with a pass through to 'verbns'. The generator calls 'verbns' so that only the regular forms are generated, no -ma forms are ever generated, onl;y parsedYES
8-16-2002, 23:50ImprovementAdded code for the $ stem, parsing is basically done, some work within the akkadian.class is needed for weak stem generation
,8-12-2002, 22:35code fixupRewrote most of the akkadian class to split the actual parsing work from the HTML output. two new procedures, one called parse, which does all the the Prolog based parsing and returns as a matrix of strings, and getHtml, which returns the html that main would have previously. Main now returns plaintext suited for CLI interaction. Another procedure htmlify is private, but does the actual html formattingYES
8-12-2002, 01:14generalSpeed improvement, configured system to run not from local disk but from /dev/shm, and to keep a current copy of the code thereYES
8-11-2002, 21:00checking recent logI-N D imperative was not working, literal brackets were missing in the declerationYES

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