Italian Dance Manuals

This is a collection of Rennaissance Italian dance manuals that were scanned and posted by the Library of Congress as part of their exhibit: An American Ballroom Companion, Dance Instruction Manuals. The page-by-page scans were collected and combined into PDF for ease of transportation and printing. The Florio World of Words is provided to aid in translation of the italian dance books, it comes from Greg Lindahl's

Available Books

Thoinot Arbeau's OrchesographieSourcePDF(8MB)
Fabritio Caroso's Il BallarinoSourcePDF(34MB)
Fabritio Caroso's Nobiltà de DameSourcePDF(39MB)
Cesare Negri's Nuove inventioni di balliSourcePDF(43MB)
Basses danses dites de Marguerite d'Autriche, AnonymousSourcePDF(16MB)
John Florio's Queen Anna's New World of Words(1611)SourcePDF(64MB)