Wiglaf is a small, Beowulf-type computer cluster that has been build over the last two years out of various donated and purchased computers. It currently consists of SGI Indy's running Irix, and various Pentia, 486s, Athlons, Sparcs(Micro's I and II and Hyper), PA-RISCs and 68040s running various flavors of Linux. One can see the exact specs, and some meaningless benchmarks on the cluster chart(250k) and hourly system status from ruptime.. Currently it is in the stages of being built and so is only running the Distributed.net on each machine. There is also a web-cam, updated every two minutes of the main access machine.

The system is currently 39 active machines, one only does file-server dutied and another only monitors network traffic(see below). That leaves 27 processing machines, of which some double as access terminals or worldly nodes. The entire system is linked together by a massive 10baseT network, supported by four hubs(two Asante 2072's, an Asante personal hub and a Tigerstack24). The two largest hubs also contain SNMP network monitoring hardware which allows network traffic to be monitored on a Macintosh computer. With some creative wiring, the mac(a Quadra 840AV) is sending it's screen image to one of hte Indy's, who is saving the video image as seen below. Alongside the 10T network, all of the Athlons and a growing number of the Pentia are also connected by a 100baseTx network, supported by a 24 port Linksys hub(soon to be illustrated).

Some of this work was presented at the HPCS 2002 conference in Moncton, NB from June 16-19. See a picture of the poster on display. A brief abstract was published in the proceedings, and so should be cited as part of the proceedings, copyright 2002, IEEE.

The other function of parts of this system is to serve the HTML pages and do the backend processing for an Akkadian verb parser I've developed. More information can be found on it's page, and a copy of the paper to be presented at the ACL-02 conference is forthcoming.

web-cam on top of Agate web-cam inside the machine room looking at the computerscurrent view of the other half of Wiglaf
Current video capture at the user terminalCurrent video capture downstairs in the machine room, showing part of WiglafCurrent video capture of the other side of Wiglaf
screen dump showning net traffic
Current net traffic on the 10bt network
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