A view of the second shelf of machines in the basement

A view from Jasper

Historical views of the second shelf

Date: Date: April 17, 2002
installation day April 17, 2002 picture
This was the configuration when the second basement camera was installed. The bottom shelf has PowerPC macs to the left and 68040's to the right. More 68040's on the second shelf and the second Asante hub to tthe far left behind all the cables. On the third shelf is W009(since retired) and the machine then known as Citrine, which takes the other basement pictures. Off the right edge are two large Gateway Pentium machines. This is a picture after the cleanup preceeding the installation of some new shelves. Newly seen are some of the HPPA machines, stacked on the left of the fourth shelf and the Alpha on the right of that shelf. The stack on the far right has grow due to the addition of a PPro.