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March 29, 1999

FRANCE DECLARES MARSHALLS LAWmarshallsfront.jpg (40890 bytes)
In response to weeks of rioting and panic in the streets of France’s major cities, French Premier Jacques Chirac declared a state of Marshalls law yesterday. The measure, which Chirac says was necessary to prevent anarchy in the economically and existentially troubled nation, is the first time that the French government has declared a state of emergency modeled on an American discount apparel retailer.

The evolution of Fleet Boston
When Fleet Bank and BankBoston complete their recently announced merger, the combined entity -- Fleet Boston -- will be the largest bank in New England by far, and one of the largest banks in the entire U.S. How did this regional super-bank come together?

Habitat for Inhumanity plans building spree
Habitat for Inhumanity announced plans to build 15 new dwellings for underprivileged families in Woburn that will "totally mess with the tenants’ minds."

Undertaker of Doom defeats middleweight favorite at Somerville High
In a surprise upset, Jason Thompkins of Somerville High was dethroned yesterday as the state high school middleweight wrestling champion. Despite being heavily favored, Thompkins was defeated in less than a minute – a state record – by a first-year wrestler at Charlestown High, the Undertaker of Doom.

Continents to reunite, tour
The Eagles did it, Fleetwood Mac did it, even KISS is doing it. So why can’t the Americas, along with Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica get it back together?

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An excerpt from Emerson's Chicken Soup for the Teenage Over-Soul

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