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July 16, 1998

Loser misses train
31-year-old Charles Silenzeti makes heroic effort, fails
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CAMBRIDGE — After an already arduous and frustrating day, Mr. Charles Silenzeti of Quincy, 31, ran nearly 300 yards through rush hour traffic only to miss the 5:41 inbound Red Line train departing from Porter Square station. Observers spotted the determined commuter running furiously down the notoriously long Porter Square escalator system in a desperate attempt to reach the platform on time.

"Running on the escalator is not only incredibly dangerous, it is indeed a federal crime," said T safety official John T. Sullivan.

Despite his heroic attempt, Silenzeti arrived just as the air-conditioned train departed. Exhausted, exasperated and embarrassed, he waited well over 27 minutes for the next train and was forced to stand the entire voyage to Park Street station due to overcrowding. Apparently Silenzeti arrived home over 53 minutes behind schedule to a cold dinner and a tepid Coca-Cola.

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