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November 19, 1998
Volume II, Number 6

‘INVISIBLE HAND' RESCUES BABYinvisiblehandfront.jpg (31981 bytes)
Witnesses say The Invisible Hand was responsible for last Wednesday's rescue of 1-year-old Sally Fairfield, who had crawled out the fourth-story window of her family’s Back Bay apartment and was plummeting to certain death.

New company enters long-distance market
Entering the fray of long-distance service providers, Digitel has introduced its own convenient long-distance dialing code.

uppercase letters call wildcat strike
all 26 uppercase letters walked off the alphabet early this morning.

UK searches for poet laureate
All over Great Britain, poets are limbering up their pens and sharpening their switchblades as Parliament debates how the new poet laureate should be selected.

Boston student wins adjusted bee
James Lowalski of Boston became the nation’s first adjusted spelling bee champion yesterday. Under the rules of the event, children of dissimilar native intelligence are asked to spell words of relative difficulty.

Charlotte, NC selected as official site of 2004 Apocalypse

Canada, Ghana sign historic treaty

Comedian sets dubious record in Southeast

Ask Beth's letters from teens are re-routed to bullies at their own schools

National news in brief

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