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November 19, 1998

New company enters long-distance market

NATICK — Entering the fray of long-distance service providers, Digitel has introduced its owndigitel.jpg (26565 bytes) convenient long-distance dialing code. Digitel promises 27 percent savings compared to operator-assisted long-distance calls placed between 5 and 6 p.m. (EST) on Tuesdays after a three-day holiday weekend where the holiday is of secular origin.

Simply dial 10-10-53223216548778301234897101973
8464646555155135879846545645454645, wait for a single 75Mhz tone, then dial 12-12-48621521654522165
546222154654898784651238897, and after the beep, say very clearly, "Floyd sent me," and wait for the 120Mhz double tone, then dial 10-10-6532154087620050014653
5455487843120013101231546875033564579879613100135897991 plus the area code and the phone number of the person you’re calling.

"While we may not have the shortest long-distance access code in the industry," says Digitel spokesperson Sue Trundle, "we are confident that after the customer uses our service 15 to 20 times daily, they’ll have almost a full 17 percent of the code memorized within two months."

To further embed Digitel’s long-distance access number into America’s subconscious, the company announced an advertising blitz that will begin to air in prime time next week. In the 60 second spot, Dustin Hoffman reprises his role of Raymond from Rain Man. Hoffman distractedly picks lint from his socks while a voice-over reads the dialing instructions. When the instructions are finished, Hoffman immediately repeats them back verbatim, then says, "Gotta be Digitel. Gotta be easy."

Digitel’s entry into long-distance service brings the total of providers to eight, including "11-11 — one louder than 10-10" and "Negative square root-Negative square root — series of irrational numbers approaching infinity."

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