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Publisher: Benjamin Dryer
Editor: Bill Wasik
Producer: Eugene Mirman
Associate Editor: Rebecca Lieblich
Arts Editor: Karyn Coughlin
Photography Editor: Diana Bonfilio
Director of Street Cred: Brian Spinks
Contributing Editors: Patrick Borelli
Ben Dryer
Ross Garmil

Mike Jerominski
Tim Lake

Sarah Larson
Eugene Mirman
Ed Peselman
Brendon Small

Martell Stroup
Contributors: Mark Bazer
LC Berge
Randy Braun
Jon Claflin

Sean Crespo
Greg Dodds

Ian Fagan
Larry Fahey
Neil Golden
John Gullette
Matt Hanley

DJ Hazard
Chris Kairella

Justin Lake
Whitney Melton
Bryan Olsen
Dan Tobin

John Williams
Business Manager: Michael Jerominski
Faithful Intern: Patrick Kelly
Legal Counsel: McDooley, Droog, Feely and Scrimshaw
Ex Officio: Lorelei Sharkey

The Weekly Week
1998 Zhenco, Inc.

All rights reserved. No portion of the Weekly Week may be reproduced without the express permission of the publishers.

The Weekly Week is a satirical, non-political publication. It is not intended for readers under the age of eighteen. Any resemblance of any Weekly Week satire subjects to any persons, living or dead, is conincidental, with the exceptions of public figures and/or celebrities.

25,000 copies of the Weekly Week are printed and distributed 25 times a year, every two weeks, in the Boston area.

One copy of the Weekly Week is provided free to every member of the public. Mass removal of the Weekly Week is illegal, and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

The Weekly Week
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fax 617.629.7746

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