watches : The remains of a S. I. Tobias Fusee-lever


An S. I. Tobias Lever, Fusee watch with significant water damage

View of the face

A view of the watch face, in fired enamel, with the rust stains visable

View of the face

A second view of the face.

Inside back case

A view inside the back of the case showing the hallmarks for London, Sterling 1852

Remains of the chain

This is the piece of the fusee chain that came out of the watch when it was first opened. It is approximately 1.5" long, where a fusee chain should be at least 5".

Back of the case

The back of the case showing the engine-turning. The hinge of the back has rusted-through and failed

Front of the case

The front of the case showing the engine turning.

The cuvee

The cuvee, inside back case, showing the winding hole

Inside of the front

The inside of the front of the case showing a partial hallmark and case-makers initials of WC

Open watch

Open Watch

Open Watch

Open Watch

Movement with Balance Cock Removed

The movement with the banance-cock removed, showing the under-sprung balance and regulator, also the extend of the rust damage

Close-up of the balance

A close-up of the balance with the cock removed.


The movement of the watch, with the dust-cover removed, showing the poorly fit diamond endstone and the heavy rust damage.

Plate under Face

The bottom of the bottom plate, the plate closest to the back of the face, showing the progression of rust. There is a click spring that is entirely missing from this plate. Also the dial feet that should go through the holes at 3 and 6:30 have fallen off the face.

The back of the face

The back of the enamel face of the watch, showing the rust deposits on the inner surface. The brass ring around the face attaches to the case, face and movement. Two of the pillers to attach the movement are missing.

A Different view of the face-back

A different view of the back of the enamel face.

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