watches : Elgin Stopwatches from WWII, both high-speed and regular


During WWII, Elgin manufactured both stopwatches with the normal frequency of 4.5Hz and high-speed timers with a 40Hz balance

Elgin 582 SW

An Elgin 582 based stopwatch from WWII. The balance oscillates at 40Hz, or 288,000 VPH, giving the second hand 1/10 sec accuracy. The photo has a 1/5sec expoure.

Elgin 582 Escapement

The escapement of the Elgin 582, a high accuracy pocketwatch from WWII

Elgin 469 face

The face of an Elgin 469 SW from WWII, enamel with a base metal case

Elgin 469 Escapement

Escapement of an Elgin 469 stopwatch to show the differences between it and the 582 "Jitterbug"

Elgin 469 Movement

The movement of an Elgin 469 stopwatch, the lighting on the gold-flashing is hard to manage, but the layout and other elements are shown to advantage

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