watches : Some Antique PWs that were evaluated in May, 2005


Entire box of watches

This is the small box of watches that was delivered to identification assistance. The watches depicted, clockwise from top left are nicknamed: Lever, Multicolor, Painted, Jeweled, Filthy, Lone and Pair.

sw filthy case

sw filthy mvmt

SW jeweled back1

SW jeweled back 2

SW Jeweled face

SW Jeweled mvmt

sw lever case

sw lever dustcover

sw lever face

sw lever insidecase

sw lever movement2

sw lever movement

sw lever mvmt 2

sw lever mvmt side

sw lone face2

sw lone face

sw lone mvmt2

sw lone mvmt

sw lone side

SW multicolor case inside

SW multicolor case

SW multicolor face

SW multicolor mvmt 2

SW multicolor mvmt 3

SW multicolor mvmt face

sw painted face

sw painted mvmt

sw pair face

sw pair incased

sw pair inner

sw pair mvmt

sw pair paper

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