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July 2, 1998
Volume CVI, No. 21

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Boston starts Eurotrash recycling program

The City of Boston and the Phoenix Media Group unveiled the city’s new Eurotrash recycling program yesterday.  The recycled Eurotrash will be used by the Phoenix to print their nightlife magazine Stuff@Night.

India, Pakistan set differences aside
Forty years of conflict. Eleven nuclear tests. This is the setting for the world’s newest arms race, between India and Pakistan. The stakes: control of the Indian subcontinent. But yesterday the two superpowers apparently set their differences aside, for the moment at least, in order to do battle with a common enemy.

‘Kudos to the Machine’ fuses hip-hop, heavy metal, politics
From the Mormon wilds of Utah comes Kudos to the Machine, the band that may join hip-hop and heavy metal for good, and add politics in the process

Guggenheim opens new museum in Saugus
Architecture aficionados from around the globe are flocking to Frank Gehry’s new Guggenheim Saugus museum. The museum, which critics are calling "the last great building of the century," is a soaring titanium and steel structure on Route 1 right next to Route 1 Miniature Golf.

"Diary of Anne Frank" garners few laughs

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