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October 8, 1998

Fall Television Preview

Back Again
NBC • Saturdays, 8 p.m.
In this zanily mind-bending, time-traveling sitcom, three Puritan colonists from the 17th century find themselves reborn in the gorgeous bodies of wealthy Beverly Hills teenagers.

Christian Science ER
NBC • Thursdays, 10 p.m.
It’s the emergency room in one of Chicago’s toughest neighborhoods, home to a parade of gunshot wounds, car crashes and heart attacks. But all the doctors can do is watch — and pray.

The Poet and the Princesspoetprincess.jpg (7991 bytes)
NBC • Mondays, 8 p.m.
Aging Nobel laureate poet Robert Pinsky (Robert Pinsky) learns the trials and treasures of fatherhood when his sassy, streetwise adopted niece Shafriqua (Brandy) comes to stay. Season Premiere: The night of the PEN banquet, Shafriqua crashes Uncle Bob’s car — right into Helen Vendler!

ABC • Wednesdays, 10 p.m.
International intrigue is on its way to Wednesday nights. Puerto Rican pop sensation Chayanne stars as Rafael Frente: striker for the Argentinean national soccer squad by day, undercover spy by night. ˇDios Mio!

Johnny Bigot, NYPD
CBS • Thursdays, 10pm
Veteran cop Johnny Bigot uses his "instinctive sense for people" to sniff out crooks in Brooklyn’s toughest precinct. Season Premiere: Johnny’s suspicion about a Puerto Rican youth’s "criminal nature" turns out to be well founded.

Nubile River
CBS • Thursdays, 8pm
The tale of Danson, Jill, Jacqueline and Pete, four randy teenagers who live along the frothy and surging Nubile River. Season Premiere: Danson, Jacqueline and Jill engage in wild three-way conversation about themselves, their emotions and their future.

A Nightmare on Jump Street
Fox • Tuesdays, 9pm
From the producers of "Tales from the Crypt," it’s a horrific thrill ride that’ll keep you up all night with fear. Season Premiere: A sleeping high school student is busted in his dream by an attractive undercover cop.

The Rockford X-Filesanderson.jpg (3722 bytes)
Fox • Sundays, 8pm
James Garner and Gillian Anderson co-star as private investigators who uncover murders, otherworldly phenomena and government conspiracies. Season Premiere: a hot-tempered convict hires Rockford and Scully to find his missing girlfriend — but doesn’t mention that he’s really an extraterrestrial who has implanted a microchip in the girl’s hypothalamus.

The World’s Most Disturbing Poems
Fox • Wednesdays, 8pm
The makers of "The World’s Scariest Car Chases" and "The World’s Worst Shark Attacks" now have a new show to keep you on the edge of your seat. Live from the Chelsea meat-packing district, Robert Stack moderates a poetry slam among New York City’s most jarring and percussive beat poets.

Rescue 90210
Fox • Fridays, 8pm
The true-to-life story of gorgeous young ambulance drivers in Beverly Hills’ most exclusive zip code. Jason Priestly stars as the handsome young dispatcher whose father (William Shatner) is the head EMT.

Nazi Gold!
MTV • Fridays, 9pm
Live from Geneva’s hottest dance club — and sponsored by Switzerland’s hottest banks — it’s a volatile mix of ‘80s R&B and misbegotten World War II treasure. You won’t be able to remain neutral when you see the gorgeous Nazi Gold Dancers!

The Ravin’
MTV • Mondays, 10 pm
From Baltimore comes a dance party sensation like no other. Beautiful GenXers trip out to hypnotic techno overlaid with readings of Edgar Allen Poe’s prose and poetry.

Dancin’ with Yeltsin
MTV • Saturdays, 11pm
Teetering Russian president Boris Yeltsin hosts this freestyle house party every Saturday night. Season Premiere: Yeltsin makes a rambling speech dismissing his entire cabinet as attractive Muscovites freak in the background.

The Credible Hulk
TNT • Every day, 7:30pm
When he’s angry, mild-mannered doctor David Banner (Bill Bixby) morphs into a convincing, reliable and thoroughly trustworthy green monster (Lou Ferrigno).

The Most Dangerous Game Show
TNT • Wednesdays, 4pm
Three contestants. Three Lügers. Three bullets. A dark thicket of remote Arkansas wilderness. These are the only rules in the Most Dangerous Game Show, television’s first on-camera human trophy hunt. Hosted by Wink Martindale.

Buffy the Slayer Roadiebuffy.jpg (3988 bytes)
WB • Mondays, 9pm
Sarah Michelle Gellar stars as Buffy — and Slayer co-stars as themselves — in the sexily scary saga of the heavy metal combo’s most recent Midwest tour. Season Premiere: Buffy is mortified when the band’s fifty-foot pentagram crashes to the floor during a sound check.

Babylon 5-0
WB • Fridays, 10pm
Season Premiere: Sinclair and Garibaldi cruise the streets of Honolulu in search of perps.

Da’ Bomb Squad
UPN • Tuesdays, 9pm
Sinbad and Martin Lawrence co-star as the craziest, funkiest, baddest explosives experts in the whole FBI. Season Premiere: Vanessa Williams guest-stars as a separatist militia terrorist that both the boys wanna get with.

Why Don’t You Know?
Nickelodeon • Mondays, 8pm
"Looks like you’re trapped in the stupid net!" That’s the rallying cry of Nickelodeon’s newest game show, where kids are asked the tough questions and ridiculed for their inadequate answers.

Foreign Policy Improv
Comedy Central • Fridays, 10pm
Bill Maher hosts as some of America’s funniest diplomats are put on the spot. Season Premiere: Madeline Albright (Second City, ImprovAmerica) is thrown into a G-7 summit, expected to set American foreign policy in a way that centers around the word "lemons."

Gillette’s Wild Kingdom
Nature • Sundays, 6pm
Gillette tests their best-selling men’s grooming products on some of the world’s rarest animals. Season Premiere: Mach 3 razor on the coat a Bengal tiger; Cool Wave aftershave in the eyes of an African gazelle.

What Hurts Monkeys the Most
Nature • Fridays, 7pm
In a season-long experiment, scientists from Brisbane’s Monkey Research Park explore the various stimuli that cause monkeys pain.

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